Threats from the Right

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What led to the Kapp Putsch?

The Government put in the place the treaty of Versailles, this meant the German Army had to decrease the size of it forces and shut down certain units of the Freikorps. Gustav Nozstke shut down 12,000 Freikorps. Luttwitz was told to shut down his unit of Freikorps, and when he refused the government send for his arrest. This angered Luttwitz and him and his troops marched through Berlin and sympathetic officers also joined him. He gained the support of right wing Politician Wolfgang Knapp. Wolfgang Knapp was content on a Putsch.

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What did Ebert do?

Ebert requested military back up, but Seecket famously said:"Troops do not fire at troops." Ebert and his troops were forced to flee to Dresden.

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How did the situation itself seem?

The situation seemed dangerous, but there was considerable tension between the military and civilian elements and failed to gain widespread support, even from the right wing.

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What did the workers do?

The workers in Berlin striked and Berlin came to a stand still (within four days the Putsch collapsed). Ebert was not greeted with the triumph expected.

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The Putsch taught a number of lessons: The army was not to be trusted. The government wwasn't really in control. Civil servants had a lot of power and were not to be trusted.

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