Thomas Wolsey. Rise and Fall.


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Rise of Wolsey

Son of a butcher born in 1472 or 73. Came to hue amountso f power within the 1520's.

Very inteligent gained his first degree at Oxford aged 15. Was very ambitious.

First came to attentions in the last years of Henry VII, However it was under Henry VIII in which he came to power, did it through two ways...He gave Henry the advice he wanted to hear unlike the privy council. Did all the burden work himself so Henry could lead a graceful life.

organised the invasion of France in 1512 giving him more status also because Fox and Warham had retired. worked very hard and ruthlesssly to get what the king wanted during this invasion and handled all the complaints. By 1514 king was leaving many things to Wolsey.

Got very high up in the church by becoming the Canon of Windsor in 1511 which was attractive towards Henry. By 1529 he was the Bishop of tournai, Lincoln, york, durham and winchester.

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Rise of Wolsey part 2

Wolsey didnt want second best even though Archbishop Warham didnt want to resign in York

So instead Wolsey became cardinal which meant he would outrank Warham on ceremonial occasions but not in governing the country. With the help of Henry he became the Prince of the Church in 1515.

Wanted to become Legatus a Latere which would make him one down from the pope. Secured legatine powers for life in 1524.

Henry did overule Wolsey often when he owed one of his friends a fovour. Wolsey may of been responsible for Buckinghams downfall in a state of revenege for what he had done to Wolsey. More interested within the money in the church not what people believed.

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