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PET ( poly ethylene terephthalate)

characteristics- moderate chemical resistance, mainly used in transparent form

uses- drink bottles, food containers


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HDPE( high density poly ethylene)

characteristics- strong and stiff which excellent chemical resistance. another popular plastic which is coloured with a good finish

uses- crates, bowls, buckets and pipes

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PVC ( poly vinyl chloride)

characteristics- good chemical and weather resistance, available in a number of forms such as uPVC which is touch, stiff, lightweight and can be coloured, plasticised PVC is flexible

uses-pipes, guttering, window frames, bottles, flexible hoses, cable insulation


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LDPE ( lower density poly ethylene)

characteristics-tough and flexible with good chemical resistance. a popular plastic that is easily coloured and gives a very smooth finish.

uses- detergent and shampoo bottles, toys, carrier bags and transparent packaging

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PP ( ply propylene)

characteristics-lightweight , food safe wth excellent chemical resistance. good electrical insulator 

uses-food containers, string, rope, medical equiptment, kitchenware.


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PS( polystyrene)

characteristics- available in different forms such as : expanded - lightweight packaging, conventional- light, hard, popular for vacumm forming in school and for food packaging, toughened- increased impact strenght


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HIPS( high impact polystyrene)

characteristics- good stiffness and impact resistance. lightweight

uses- toys, refrigerator linings.


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PMMA( poly-methylmeth- acrylate) aka acrylic

characteristics- tough, can be machined, but can be brittle, readily available and food safe.

uses-light units, shop signs and car parts.


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Nylon ( polyamide)

characteristics- hard, tough and resistant to wear. low friction

uses- bearings, gears and clothing


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ABS ( Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

characteristics- high impact strength, lightweight, durabe and scratch resistant

uses- kitchen products, mobile phone cases, toys and safety hats.

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