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Technical codes

Technical codes

Shot size

2) Long shot

3) Mid shot

4) Close up

5) Extreme close up

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Deep – Look at everything

Selective – Looks at most important subject

Soft – When edges blur together

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Low Key – Dramatic, moody

High Key – Bright and exciting

Low contrast – Not many different colours, everyday

High contrast – Dramatic, volatile

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We have genre because it gives the producer a list of ingredients which he/she can use to make an effective product.

Audience expectations need to be met with genre in order for it to be successful.

Critics and analysts use genre as a basis for comment

Within Genre there is always the following components;

  • Stock characters
  • Stock Plots
  • Stock situations, issues and themes
  • Stock locations and backdrops
  • Stock props and signifiers
  • Music
  • Generic Conventions
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