Theories of Sleep

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Evolutionary Theory

Blackmore 1998:

  • There most be some need for sleep, because it is dangerous, if we didn't need to we and animals would have evolved to survive without sleep

Webb 1982:

  • Suggests that sleep has survival benefits, keeps animals imobile- therefore if they sleep somewhere safe, they are safe from predators.

Meddis 1979:

  • Different animals need different amuonts of sleep, this reflects their need for food, methods of obtaining food and exposure to predators.
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Animals Average amount of sleep (% per day)

Brown Bat 82.9%

Human Infant 66.7%

Tiger 65.8%

Golden Hamster 59.6%

Lion 56.3%

Mouse 50.3%

Rabbit 47.5%

Duck 45%

Human Adult 33.3%

Pig 32.6%

Horse 12.0%

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Animals and Sleep

Animals sleep for shorter periods if they:

  • are at risk from predators.
  • cannot find safe places to sleep
  • high metabolic rate- need slots of food
  • Animal- Cattle, sheep, horse.

Animals sleep fr longer periods of they:

  • Can easily find safe places to sleep
  • Predators/Have few Predators.
  • Satisfy need for food and water quickly
  • Animals- Lions Tigers
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