Theories of education

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Functionalist approach

  • serves the need of the economy
  • facilitates social mobility
  • encourages social cohesion
  • secondary socialisation
  • social control
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New Right approach

  • recent government policies aimed at raising standards 
  • SATs, GCSE's
  • results often presented in school league tables
  • have they reached their aim?
  • teacher unions argue that there's too much formal testing in schools
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Marxist approach

  • system benefits wealthier classes
  • reinforces social inequalities
  • league tables can have a negative effect for low achievers
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Feminist approach

  • until the 80's, subject choice was gendered
  • once subject choice was equalised, gender gap in achievment began to narrow
  • by the early 2000's, girls were doing better than boys at GCSE's and A-level
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Labelling approach

  • teachers often have lower expectations due to gender, class, or ethnicity
  • negative labelling can lead to self-fulfillin prophecies 
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Sub-cultural approach

  • peer pressure to conform to sub-cultures
  • 'laddish' cultures emphasise that it's 'uncool' to work hard
  • anti-learning attitudes
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