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Changing Family patterns and diversity

Anderson 1980: Always been diversity

Willmott 1988: Dispersed extended family is the norm

Braannen 2003: Beanpole family is the norm in Britain

Oakley 1982: Claimed that marketing and advertisers to the typical family

Throne 1992: Different family experiences depending on gender, genration, class and race

Rapoport 1982: Nuclear families a minority. 5 types of diversity.

Allan and Crow 2001: Diversification continues

Weeks, Heaphey and Donovan 1999: Increase in gay and lesbian families

Roseneil 2005: Idea of chosen families to breakdown of heteronorm 

Morgan 2000: Cohabitating worse off than married couples 

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Changing Family patterns and diversity

Buck and Scott 1994: 1/10 young people think cohabitation is wrong compared to 1/3 of adults

Beck: Wider range of choices

Sharpe 1976; 1994: Change in female priorites 

McRae 1993: Cohabitation sensible option

Smart and Stevens 2000: Unsure about marriage

Chester 1985: Cohabitation part of marriage process

Coast 2006: 75% Cohabiting couples marry eventually

Bejin: 1985: Young cohabit personalise and customise relationship

Shelotn and John 1993: Cohabitating share house work 

Macklin 1980: Up to individual couple about how they feel

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Changing Family patterns and diversity

Kiernan and Mueller 1999: Social class effects divorce rates

Fletcher 1966: High marriage expectations

Allan and Crow 2001: Women have seperate source of income so can leave

Beck and Beck-Gernsheim 1995: Rising divorce rates product of rapidly changing world 

Crow and Hardy 1992: Lone parent more appropiate 

Murray: Lone parent families because of benefits

Bhatti 1999: Strong enthisis on family loyalty in Asian Families

Driver 1982: Carribean families matrifocal

Barrow 1982: Mother centred familes can't rely on family

Chamberlain 1999: Siblings play role in upbringing of younger children

Reynolds 2002: Diversity real characteristc afro-carribean  

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Changing Family patterns and diversity

Weeks 1999: Increased social acceptance gay and lesbian led to increase same-sex cohabitation

Wesont 1992: Same-sex cohabiation similar to hetrosexual marriages

Cheal 2002: Glad to have legal standing with civil partenerships

Sharpe 1976: Young girls priorties family orianted 

Sharpe 1990: Prioties change work orianted 

Duncan and Phillips 2008: 10% adults live apart

Charles 2005: Swansea hardly any three genration families

Wilmott 1988: Extended family hasn't disappeared

Chamberlain 1999: Afro-Carribean families support

Bell 1968: W/C & M/C emotinal bonds 

Finch and Mason 1993: Expect women to stay in contact with men 

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