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Durkeim (functionalist)

Education performs key functions: 

  • Promotes Social Solidarity - Teaching specialist skills - Meets the needs of the economy. 
  • School prepares us for the wider world - 'society in minitaure' 
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Parsons (Functionalist)

  • School is a focal socialising agency.
  • Schoold bridges gaps between home and wider society.
  • School teaches Universalistic Standards 
  • School teaches the principle of Meritocracy.
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Davis and Moore (Functionalist)

  • Education system performs the function of Role Allocation. (Matching people to their future job)
  • Schools teaches the idea of society being based upon fair inequality 
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Althusser (Marxist)

  • School is part of the ideaological state apparatus. - Justifies and legitmises Class inequality. 
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Bowles and Gintis (Marxist)

  • Education system rewards compliant and obediant behaviour - Makes it easier to exploit as workers.
  • Correspondance Principle - Schools reflect the workplace
  • School is a giant myth making machine - Meritocracy doesn't really exsist. 
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Willis (Marxist)

  • Working Class students see through the myth of meritocracy - They rebel against the school. This ensures that they still end up in working class jobs as they fail academically. 
  • Studied working class boys - the lads, the rebelled against school and ended up in working class jobs.
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Chub and Moe (New Right)

  • Studied American Schools. Found that working class children did 5% better in private schools compared to state schools 
  • We need to adopt a Voucher system - Parents can take this to the school of their choice . This would make schools compete more and improve their education provision. 
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