Theories about Teen Speak

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Gary Ives (2014)

  • Surveyed a group of 17 year olds from the same secondary school in Bradford (West Yorkshire) about words that they used as a teenager.
  • Most of these words were connected to childhood games (e.g. - 'kissy-chase') but they couldn't recall specific words or pinpoint examples.
  • They could easily give examples to how they spoke as a teenager: they used taboo language, dialectical features and slang (e.g.- 'bruv', 'bare' and 'hype')
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Anna-Brita Senström (2002)

Found out that teenagers used:

  • Irregular turn-taking
  • Overlaps
  • Indistinct articulation
  • Word shortenings
  • Teasing
  • Verbal duelling
  • Slang
  • Taboo language
  • Language mixing
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Penelope Eckert (1997)

  • Discovered that slang is used to 'establish connections to youth culture and seperate themselves from older generations'.
  • She stated that teenage language use is specific to their peer group.
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Ignacio Palacias Martinez (2011)

  • Teenagers use negation more frequently than adults.
  • A third of these negations were due to orders, suggestions and refusals.
  • Teenagers are more direct with their speech whereas adults are more conscious of how they speak.
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Unni Berland (1997)

  • Focused on the use of informal tag questions (e.g. - 'innit', 'yeah' and 'right')
  • Social class was a big factor in determining the usage of tags.
  • 'Okay' was used more by boys however 'innit', 'yeah' and 'right' were used equally by both genders.
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