Themes in Inspector Calls

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Inspector calls was set in 1912, written in 1945. In 1912 society wasnt equal- poeple with more money and higher class had a lot more power. Priestly used 1912 to reflect the ideas of inequality in 1945. It challanges the audience and people about their past mistakes and if they dont learn from them. Status and wealth kept classes very sepperate; upper and middle classed epolpe lived very comfortably however it was hard for working class to make a proper living.

From the beninning Priestly uses the fact Birling says there will be "no war" to show his foolishness and overconfidence and missjudgement.

When the inspector enters, he does not hesitate to describe the girls death. He is blunt and uses harsh language.

Daisy fell in love with Gerald out of gratitude

Power was so divided; only men who owned property could vote and women couldnt vote in national elections at all. There was also little government help for those ini need like there is today therefore charities like Sibils were important.

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Family Life

There were expectations of family life in 1912; men were supposed to support their "perfrect" familiy and protect the women; wives and daughters. Women were expected to marry into money so they didnt have to work and to plan parties, visit friends and support their children. THEY DIDNT DO JOBS LIKE COOKING AND CLEANING! 

However as the play goes on and Sliela and Eric get a chance to stand for themselves, we see the family fall appart.

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Social Class

Class is what drives the plot and what shapes the characters. Priestly designed the characters to put accross this message; about social responsibility. Priestly suggests that if they dont accept the respondibility they are given with class it will all end in "fire" "blood" and "anguish"

Mr Birling is a magistrate, sits in court giving out justice- ironic when he is a man of immorality.

To the Birlings, class is all that matters; Mr Birlings biggest concern about Eva Smiths death is that it will cause a public scandal however Priestly thought calss shouldnt matter; he showed this view through the inspector 

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