themes in them merchant of venice

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Father daughter love

portia has a strong link between herself and her father.

she respects him:

  • " i may neither choose who i would , nor refuse who i dislike" - she is unhappy with the idea but goes forward with it anyway.
  • links with the context of the play - women were expected to respect men and do what they were told , they weren't seen as equal.

jessica has lost respect for her father ,Shylock.

  • she steals money from him.
  • she dresses as a man and escapes to elope with Lancelot.
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love of a friend

Antonio would give his life for Bassanio and Bassanio would do the same.

  • he shows his love for Bassanio by lending him money so he can go to see Portia - it means borrowing money fro Shylock , which Antonio is strongly against but will for Bassanio.
  • Antonio is happy to see Bassanip go , as he knows he will be with the womens he loves.
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Romantic love

portia and Bassanio marry

  • Bassanio has to borrow moeny to go to venice to pick a casket . Possibly desperation of wanting to have Portia as a wife. 
  • "twere damnation to think so base a thought " - The Prince of Morrocco thinks the lead casket is unworthy and can't be compared to Portia - he fails to see that beauty can be within a person rather than just on the outside.

Nerissa and Gratanio marry

  • they hardly know eachother - willi it last ?
  • Portia and Nerissa forgive their husbands for giving up their rings , and return them . Bassanio and Gratanio pledge they won't make anything more important than their wives.

Jessica and Lorenzo marry

  • they come from very differnet backgrounds.
  •  Jessica runs away and elopes to be with Lorenzo
  • Their love is forbidden - they are from differnet religions , this is why she elopes.
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