Themes for Othello

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Seen as dishonorable

Lago desire for revenge, destructive, unnatural and egotistical

Othello is degraded when he seeks revenge and he begins to act like a violent stereotype

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Sexual jealously is destructive

Lago professional jealousy of Cassio is catalyst, triggers events

Othello and Bianca are deceived by the false proof of the handkerchief

Othello does not give into any jealously easily. Takes a lot of convincing that Desdemona is false

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Emilia loving tribute to Desdemona when she dies reaffirms the value of true love

Lago is incapable of love and is driven by hate

Lago false love subverts and replaces Desdemona true love

Othello is a domestic tragedy love destroyed by hate

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Lago obsession with revenge drives main plot forward

Othello obsession with his masculine honour leads him to destruction

Cassio obsession with his reputation leads him to acting dishonorable

Female characters are powerless in face of male obesssion

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Male-female relationships

Female characters are objectified by men, prized for their beauty

Male characters expect their women to submit to their authority

Female fidelity is key part of masculine honour in the play

Initially othello and Desdemona share a more equal relationship then other couples

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