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UK Climate

  • As you go North it gets colder and as you go South it gets warmer
  • SW prevailing wind
  • Low elevation above sea level mainly across the UK
  • Air stream affecting the UK - Arctic Maritime, Polar Maritime, Tropical Martime, Tropical Continental, Polar Continental
  • Ocean currents - Warmer gulf stream
  • Difference between the North South West and East of the UK - because of a mixture of these factors
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1987 Storm

1987 storm

I already have a full resource on this -

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Monsoon Climate

  • Occurs in Central America, Central Africa and Indonesia
  • Located around the equator
  • Wet and Dry Season
  • Not much variation in temperature


This is the wet season. Winds are coming from the SW so they have travelled over water to bring wet conditions. This also brings low pressure. In this season problems are: flooding, soil erosion, crop damage and disease


This is the dry season. Winds are coming from the NE so they have travelled over land and bring dry conditions. This also brings high pressure. In this season problems are: drought, soil erosion and famine

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Landguard Ecosystem

'A community of plants and animals that interact with one another and their environment'

Producers: Plants such as lichens, mosses, grasses, herbs and shrubs

Primary Consumer: Common Blue Butterflies

Secondary Consumer: Pied Warbler

Tertiary Consumer: Foxes

Decomposers: Shaggy Inkcap Mushrooms

Threats: Sea flooding, drought, litter, footpath erosion, dogs, loss of area, oil and chemical spills, fires and vehicles

Suffolk County Councils Views: Introduce charges in all car parks, Banning dogs on the nature reserve and increasing dredging in the shipping channel

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Water Deficit: Sahel Africa

Water Deficit in the Sahel Africa

I have a resource on this:

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Tropical Rainforest

The tropical rainforest covers areas of Ecuador which is used for oil mining

It has many native species

Contains between 50%-90% of the world's species

Food sources for local people

Very biodiverse

Hunting causes trees to be destroyed

Soils are damaged by logging and are more vulnerable to rain and the sun

Climate is hot and wet

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Taman Negara - Sustainable Ecotourism

Area of 4,343km squared

World's oldest tropical rainforest

One of Malaysia's top tourist attractions

Every year visitor numbers increase

Construction of 200m canopy for visitors to walk along

Great rhinocerons hornbill

Bats in caves

Ecotourism: 'Visiting fragile undeveloped areas with looking after the environment in mind. The aim is to make as little impact on the environment as possible on your journey as well as during your holiday. You may also contribute to conservation.'

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Slumping in Walton-On-The-Naze

  • Area of ground slides away from the top of the cliff
  • Most cliffs in Suffolk of soft rock will slump
  • Geology is important in determining how a cliff collapses - May slide rapidly towards the coast
  • Red Crag - Permeable Limestone
  • London Clay - Impermeable
  • Rotational slump - when a column of cliff breaks away and slips down the cliff
  • Cliffs are geological SSSI
  • Recieves 140,000 visitors a year
  • Naze tower is a listed building
  • A new Crag walkway can be built
  • Rock armour is placed at the foot of the slump to stop it going further
  • Drainage allows the rocks to stay dry
  • London Clay contains fossil remains
  • Best coastal location for Red Crag

Crag walkway: 110 metres long, 16,000 tonnes of granite, Cost £1.2 Million to build

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Area has battled with storms because of a large fetch

There was 37 houses and a population of over 100

Shingle was dredged between Hallsands and Beesands

600,000 tonnes of shingle removed

Hallsands was completely destroyed on the 26th January 1917

It left 24 families homeless

This could have been prevented

Located in the South-West of England

The defences did not hold up in this particular storm

Beach level had dropped because of LSD

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Bangladesh Floods

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Tewkesbury Floods 2007

90 days worth of rainfall in 5 hours

River Severn and River Avon bring water to the area

Urbanisation has happened in the area

Built on a flood plain

50,000 homes without power

Roads are damaged / Fields are flooded

150,000 have no clean water

Baby Twins died in their house

Teenagers feared dead after going missing in the night

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