The Young Couple

A summary of The Young Couple a story from OCR Opening Worlds for english GCSE

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Cathy- English married to Narain, independant and loves Naraian lots.

Narain- was independant but becomes relaiant, loves Cathy, easily dissatisfied, often controled by his family.

The Family-controlling, traditional, Cathy thinks oppressive

Friends- relaiant on their families, but often talks against families and India in general.

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Cathy moves to India with Naraian. At first they are very in love and want to find their own way, jobs etc. The family are controlling and often try to persuade Naraian to take a job with them. Naraian condemns his family and Indian culture when talking to his friends who also want to be independant but are financially dependant on their families. Cathy and Naraian grow apart, Cathy goes out by herself and the family tell her not to, she wins but then feels bad that Naraian is defeated. Cathy becomes pregnant, Naraian takes a job with his uncle and deserts his friends. The family prepare for Cathy and Naraian to move in with them. Cathy still really loves Naraian but feels oppressed by the family.

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Difference in cultures (Cathy trying to fit into India life could compare to The Red Ball as Bolan is trying to fit into a new place)

Family (the dominance of Naraian's family)

Love (what it can last through compare to The Red Ball and the father and mother's love or Pieces of Silver and Evelina's protection of Clement)

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you have to be able to apply them to the question but I think this covers the basics :)



Very helpful. Thank you! :)

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