The working memory model

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What is the phonological loop?

  • Deals with auditory info and preserves the order of info.
  • Subdivied loop

Phonological store= Holds words you can hear, like an inner ear.

Articulatory process= Used for words that are heard or seen. These words are silently repeated, like an inner voice.

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What is the visuo- spatial sketchpad?

  • Used when have to plan a spatial task.

E.g counting number of windows on your house.

Visual/ Spatial info is temporarily stored here.

  • Visual info is what things look like.
  • Spatial info is the relationship between things.
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What is the central executive?

Directs attention to particular tasks. Determining at any time how resources are allocated to tasks.

RESOURCES  are the 2 slave systems.

Limited capacity = means it can't attend to do many things at once.

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What is the Working memory model?

Baddeley and Hitch felt that the STM was not just one store but several stores.

So they made the WMM which addresses one aspect of memory - STM

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