The WHO, health and responsibility

World Health Organisation

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1) Promote development-by Fair access and Reduce poverty

2) Ensure/Foster Health Security- plan for threats like swine flu!, co-ordinate responses e.g avoiding air travel, washing hands etc


Eradicated Smallpox


Distribution/trade of vaccines and medicines

To maintain a set standard of Good Health

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Good and Bad Health

Good health... =D happy smiley people bascially

Able to function in productive and efficient ways


AKA good functioning body and mind "healthy body, healthy mind"

Bad Health.... ='(

Mind and body don't function efficiently or productively

aka Morbidity- rate of illness

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Who is responosible?

1) Inidividuals- dependant on age, gender and genetic make up e.g our responsibilty to eat healthy etc

2)Government- should encourage good health and support their people to be healthy

a) by education- adverts and campaigns b) provising facilites like clinics and hospitals and finally supporting to maintain GH rather than BH

This is done by a catalyst engage, encourage, enable, exemplify

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