The Weimar Constitution

presidentm chancellor, the reichstag and the german people

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The President

* Elected every 7 years,

- If the presidents really bad then they wont be able to change him,

* Controlled the armed forces,

* Stayed out of the day-to-day running of the country,

- Didnt understand what was going on in his country,

* In an emergency he could make laws without ggoing through the Reichstag (parliament)

- Public doesnt vote on the laws or go through the mp's,

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The Chancellor

* Responsible for the day-to-day running of the country,

- Could make wrong decisions,

* Chosen from the Reichstag by the President,

* Like a president,

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The Reichstag (Parliament)

* Voted on new laws,

* Members elected every 4 years, through a system called PR (proportional representation). This system gave small parties a chance to have a say in Parliament,

- public got their say,

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German People

* Elected the President and the members of the Reichstag,

* All mwn and women over the age of 20 could vote,

* All adults had equal rights and the right of free speech,

- All equal,

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