The Watergate Scandal


Bob Halderman

Managed Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign

Went on to run White House as Nixon's Chief of Staff

Felt Nixon went to far:

wanted state department employees to be given lie detectors, find out who leaked Kissingers' negotiations with North Vietnam

Controlled access to Nixon

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John Ehrlichman

Joined Nixon's campaign 1960

Appointed Nixon's domestic affairs advisor 1969

Him and Halderman recieved blame for covering up, should have sacked him earlier

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John Mitchell

Helped manage the 1968 campaign

Attorney General January 1969 but resigned to head Nixon's Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) 

Approved wiretaps without court authorisation

Prosecuted Anti-war protestors

Tried to block publications of 'pentagon papers' 

Antagonistic towards press

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Other Conspirators

John Dean- associate deputy Attorney General and White House counsel from 1970

Charles Colson- Nixon's counsel 1969, then worked on CREEP, had wild schemes on how to win

James McCord- Ex- FBI and CIA employee became security director of CREEP 1972

Howard Hunt- Ex- CIA, appointed White House Staff as member the 'plumbers', job was to stop leaks getting out, with a disguise he was in charge of the surveillance of Edward Kennedy, working under Gordon Liddy

Gordon Liddy- Campaigned for Nixon 1968, joined White House Staff 1971, he was a member of the 'plumbers', organising the break in into Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, joining CREEP in 1972

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Pentagon Papers

A collection of government documents that reflected badly on the Democrats during the Vietnam War. 

Leaked to the Press by civil servant Daniel Ellsburg

So the Plumbers tried to work to discredit him

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Illegal Action of CREEP

Involved in criminal surveillance, political subversions and illegal fundrasing

Collected $60 million dollars in campaign contributions illegally

Discredited moderate demcratic candidates

They surveyed Edward Kennedy wawanted to catch him being a womanizer

Spread rumour about Muskie, wept on TV, damaging his reputation

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The Break In

CREEP organised two illegal break-ins on the Democratic National Headquarters (DNC) in the watergate building

2nd of which 17th June 1972

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