the use and abuse of drugs


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drug testing

a drug: a chemical that alters how the mind and body functions

new drugs are tested for toxicity, efficacy and dosage

1) drugs are tested in lab using tissues, cells and live animals

2) tested on human volunteers in clinical trials. very low doses are given at the start.

3) if it is found to be safe, further clinical trials are carried out to determine optimum dosage

double blind tests are done to determine side effects. the doctor doesn't know about it to prevent bias.

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drugs etc

  • statins lower risk of heart and circulatory disease
  • there's evidence that statins lower blood cholesterol and significantly lower the risk of heart disease in diabetic pations

thalidomide was developed as sleeping pill. found to be effective in relieving morning sickness in pregnant women. not been tested for use. babies were born with severe limb abnormalities. drug was then banned. drug testing has become much more rigorous. thalidomide is used today for treating things like leprosy.

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misuse of drugs


  • affects nervous system
  • slows down the body's reactions
  • too much leads to impaired judgement, poor coordination and unconciousness
  • excessive drinking can cause liver disease + brain damage
  • addictive 


  • addictive
  • smoking causise disease of heart, blood vessels + lungs
  • tobacco smoke causes cancer

the illegal recreational drugs ecstasy, cannabis and heroin may have adverse effects on the heart and circulatory system.

cannabis smoke contains chemicals which may cause mental illness in some ppl

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  • drugs change the chemical process in peoples' bodies so they become dependant or addicted to the drug and suffer withdrawal symptoms without them
  • heroin and cocaine are very addictive

there are drugs atheletes can use to enhance performance. some illegal, some legal on prescription, all banned on sporting regulations. stimulants boost bodily functions such as heart rate, anabolic steroids stimulate muscle growth.

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