The Treaty of Versailles


The Treaty of Versailles - War Guilt

Article 231 of the Treaty said that Germany was to blame for causing the war. This was the term that the Germans hated the most. To them other countries were to blame and they went to war as self-defence

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The Treaty of Versailles - Territory

Germany lost 13% of it's land, contained 6 million people.

  • Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France
  • West Prussia and Posen lost fo Poland
  • After votes in 1920-21 by people living there, the following places were lost
    • Eupen and Malmedy to Belgium
    • Northern Schleswig to Denmark
    • Part of upper Silesia to Poland
    • Danzig taken over by League of Nations as a free city
    • Memel, taken by League, given to Lithuania in 1923

Germany lost all of their over seas colonies

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