The Transition Elements

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The Properties

The Properties of the Transition Elements

They are typical metals and have the properties of;

  • They are good conductors of heat and electricity
  • They are dense
  • They are strong
  • They are shiny
  • They are much less reactive than Group 1 metals
  • They are denser, stronger and harder than Group one metals.
  • They have much higher melting points (except for mercury)
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Transition Ions

The Ions

  • They often have more than one ion.
  • Examples of this is Fe, Cu and Cr.
  • Diffferent ions contain different coloured compounds.

Transition metals and their compounds ALL make good Catalysts.

A catalyst is something that speeds up the rate of reaction without being changed or used up.

  • Iron is used to speed up Ammomia (in the Haber Process)
  • Manganese oxide is good for decomposing hydrogen peroxide.
  • Nickel is used for turning oils into fats
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