The Third Crusade

Aspects of failure and success in the Third Crusade

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Successes of the Third Crusade

  • They improved the situation in the east compared to 1188
  • On 2nd September 1192 Saladin and Richard made a treaty - allowed pilgrim's access to Jerusalem
  • The coastal ***** was retained from Tyre to Jaffa plus new territory in Antioch and Tripoli belonged to the crusaders
  • Theygained the island of Cyprus - reinforcements, Guy of Lusignan, Egyptian fleet
  • The siege and capture of Acre on 11th July 1191
  • Defeated Saladin at Acre, Arsuf and Jaffa so destroyed his reputation of invincibility. Arsuf - 7th September 1191, crusaders heavily outnumbered - Saladin's troops neared 80,000, Richard's army only a 1/3 of that total
  • Captured the port of Jaffa on 31st July 1192
  • Saladin dies in 1193 - Muslim world left fighting over his legacy
  • New King of Jerusalem - Henry of Champagne [third husband of Isabella of Jerusalem]
  • The Frankish presence in Outremer lasted for a century after the third crusade
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Failures of the Third Crusade

  • Failure to capture Jerusalem - would have been open to Muslim attack and there would not have been enough local crusaders to hold both Jerusalem and the coastal cities without help
  • Rivalry of Richard I and Philip II - Cyprus, Richard's land in France, Philip plotting with Richard's brother [John], Philip left Outremer after the siege of Acre
  • Rivalry between Guy and Conrad over the kingship of Jerusalem
  • German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, skilled campaigner [old, set off straight away - spiritual motives] drowned in Asia Minor in June 1190 - many of his men went home and an epidemic caused great losses to those who reached Antioch with Leopold
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