The theory of marriage

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The New Right

New Right supporters are shocked by these alternatives to marriage. 

Morgan suggested that marriage was needed to help maintain people's behaviour. 

Married people live longer than unmarried people. 

A decline in marriage will cause a breakdown in morals and a rise in antisocial behaiour. 

They claim that cohabitation is less stable than marriage. 

Morgan beleieved that cohabiting couples were less happy than married couples. 

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Postmodernists and Feminists

They see changes as giving people more personal choice. 

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Births outside marriage

New Right commentators are shocked by the fact that 1 in 3 babies are born outside of marriage. 

Many marriages break up in the first year of having a child, this suggests that marriage is not that stable. 

Childlessness is becoming more common now, and this is causing more problems. In 2000, one in 5 women aged 40 had no children. 

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Desirability of marriage

Marriage is being delayed rather than rejected, suggesting there is not a massive problem with with a decline in marriage.People are also getting married later on in life, average bride in 2001 was 28. 

Most people still see marriage as their desriable life choice, most people also still want to have children when married. 

More than 40% of marriages are remarriages, this suggests that people still believe in the constitution of marriage.

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