The Tempest key quotes

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1. "full fathom five thy father lies of his bones are coral made"

2. "do hiss me into madness"

3. "full of noises"

4. "sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not"

5. "Where should this music be? I'th' air or the earth?"

6. "Ban Ban Caliban"

7. "The watch dogs bark, bow wow, bow wow"

8. "Sometimes a thousand twanging instuments do hum about my ears"

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Magic/altered state

1. "my spirits as in a dream are all bound up"

2. "a strange drowsiness possesses them"

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Base desires

1. "I might call him a thing divine for nothing so natural I ever saw so noble"

2. "melt mine honour into lust"

3. "I'll make thee the Queen of Naples"

4. "If thou dost break her vrigin knot"

5. "All the infections that the sun sucks up from bogs, fens, flats"

6. "He shall drink of my bottle"

7. "I prithee be my god"

8. "I must eat my dinner"

9. "Knock a nail into his head"

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1. "into a cloven pine"

2. "three men of sin"

3. "Come, I'll manacle thy feet and neck together"

4. "ministers of fate"

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1. "A full poor cell"

2. "That a brother should be so perfidious"

3. "But are they Ariel, safe?"

4. "If by your art my dearest father you have put the wild waters in this roar, allay them."

5. "our revels now are ended"

6. "the great globe itself"

7. "we are such stuff as dreams are made of and our little lives are rounded with a sleep"

8. "These spirits (as I foretold you) were all actors and are now melted into thin air, into thin air..."

9. "By an accident most strange, bountiful fortune"

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1. "Cherubin"

2. "A third of mine own life"

3. "What a trouble was I to you then"

4. "Your tale sir would cure deafness"

5. "I ratify this my rich gift"

6. "I would call it fairplay" 

7. "I have done nothing but in care of thee"

8. "O brave new world that has such people in't"

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Nature vs. Nurture

1. "my strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head"

2. "Rich garments, linens, stuffs and neccessaries...volumes that I prize above my dukedom"

3. "A born devil, on whose nature, nurture can never stick"

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1. "tricksy"

2. "servant"

3. "bird"

4. "Dost thou forget from what torment I did set thee free?"

5. "Gonzalo...knowing that I lov'd my books, furnish'd me from my own library with volumes that I prize above my dukedom."

6. "poor credulous monster"

7. "vile race"

8. "demi-devil"

9. "not honoured with human shape"

10. "You taught me language" 

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Authority/power continued

11. "This island's mine by Sycorax my mother"

12. "this thing of darkness I acknowledge mine"

13. "If I can recover him and keep him tame and get to Naples with him, he's a present for any emporer"

14. "no sovereignty"

15. "potent master"

16. "Let's all sink wi'th' King"

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