"The Tell Tale Heart" Quotes.

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"TRUE- nervous very very dreadfully nervous i had been and am: but will you say i am mad?"

"do you mark me well? i have told you i am nervous so i am"

"i felt myself growing pale and wished them gone"

"object there was none passion there was none"

"i fairly chucked at the idea"

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key Incedent

" but i found the eye always closed so it was immposible to do the work as it was not the old man who vexed me but his Evil Eye"

"many a night just at midnight when all the world slept. It welled up from my own bossom deepening with its dreadful echos the terrors but distracted me"

" he was sitting up in the bed lsitening just as i had done night after night;hearkening to the death watches in the wall"

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" ha! would a madman have been as wise as this?"

"if ou think me mad you will no longer when i describe the wise precauitions i took for the concealment of the body"

"i had been to wary for that a tub had caught all- Ha! Ha!"

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" you should have seen how wisley i proceeded with what caution--what foresight--what disimulation i went to work!"

" i then smiled galey to find the need so far done"

" i had been to wary for that a tub had caught all- Ha!Ha!"

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Turning point.

" my head ached and i fancied a ringing in my ear"

"i foamed - i raved - i swore"

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"villians" i shreiked "dissemble no more! i admit the deed! - tear up the floor boards - Here! Here! it is the beating of the old mans hideous heart!"

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