The Teleological argument


The Teleological argument

  • A posteriori argument and looks at the world around us and attempts to use
  • William Paley explains how everything is designed for a reason 
  • Anything that is designed must have a designer
  • A watch: complex: intricate: all parts work together in order to reach its purpose: if any parts were shaped differently it wouldn't work
  • Paley stated the same design concept is evident in the natural world e.g human eye
  • The whole of nature needs the grandest of designers
  • The Universe is extremely complex, for example, the regularity of it 
  • This is evidence of God
  • Aquinas- Summa Theologica
  • Intelligent being required to direct world to its end purpose
  • E.g. an arrow can't reach its target without a skilled archer
  • Therefore, there must be an intelligent being that directs unintelligent things to their end/purpose. This is God
  • Strengths:
  • Continues to appeal to philosophers and the wider public. Its truth or falsity has never been demonstrated in such a manner as to end philosophical debate
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