The ** and the SA Nazi Germany AQA GCSE History

Don't get these two confused or think that they are the same thing - hope they help - rate and comment! : )

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The SA- Thugs

This was in effect Hitlers private army they acted as thugs breaking up meetings of opposition parties and watching people casting their votes to make sure that they voted for the Nazis though Hitler did realise that at one point the group was getting too big( it was bigger than the army ! after the imposed limits of the treaty of Versailles) and out of control and as they were effectively just being thugs and this was losing the party votes so used the night of the long Knives to kill Rohm ( the leader of the SA) and in total about 400 people between the 29th / 30th June 1934

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**- Body guards

This group started off as Hitler's protection squad which started off with around 500 men and quickly grew under the control of Himmler all of the men had to be Aryan and even something as small as a filling could keep you out of the ** there were strict physical standards they took over the role of the SA it some ways after they had been gotten rid of and did checks on homes and such like they also ran the concentration/ death camps 

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