the social contract

locke's theory, how can we prove that everyone has agreed to a contract that allows the government to have authority over us.

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the social contract

voluntaristic obligation locke put forward his theory that political power is there only as a consequence of our voluntary acts. we have chosen our politicians voluntarily.

  • some might call this: the 'self-assumption' principle. we have duties because they have been assumed by us.
  • ok we do have some moral duties that are outside of our agreement.
  • but why can the state make laws and expect us to follow them?
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so now we have a new problem!

the problem of political obligation. we're not just scratching our heads as to why the state is legit but Locke makes us ask how can the state be something we volunteered to?

It might be an advantage having state as opposed to anarchy but this still doesn't justify it.

we need to show each rational individual has agreed to the state to show how the state can possess universal authority.

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