The Shield of Aeneas-Virgil

This card helps explain who all the Gods are in 'The Shield of Aeneas' :)

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Vocab :)

Venus: Aeneas' mother who gives him the shield.

Vulcan: the God who makes the shield. ''ignipotens'' firemaster, husband of Venus.

Laurentines: Latin tribe Aeneas will be calling up into battle

Turnus: betrothed Princess Lavinia before her father was advised by the Gods to give her to Aeneas.

Cytherea: a place where Venus was worshipped. (Venus is described as a Cytherean)

Arms Vocabulary!

galea helmet

ensis sword

lorica breastplate

ocreae greaves (shin pads!)

hasta spear

clipens shield


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The Characters.. and what they mean :)

Ascanius: Aeneas' forthcoming offspring

Penates: household Gods

Augustus Caesar also described as Octavian

Agrippa:  Octavian's general who won the naval crown

Bactra: a central city in Asia

Sistrum: egyptian rattle used to worship Isis

Cleopatra: the Egyptian Queen

Antony: married to Cleopatra. An outrage because he is Roman


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More Characters :) and Triple Triumph

Minerva: Goddess of  Wisdom

Dread Goddesses: spirits of revenge

Discordia: represents the discord of civil war (discord: disagreement/strike

Bellona: sister of Mars following Discord with her blood stained whip.

Sabaens: people from Arabia

Iapyx: a west wind that will sweep Cleopatra back to Egypt

Why does Caesar have a 'triple triumph?(3)

Because he overcame Antony in Illyricum, Eqypt and won the battle of Actium

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Phoebus: The God Apollo

Leleges and Carians: people from Asia Minor

3 rivers....

R.Euphrates... in Asia Minor flowing slower.. now its under the control of Caesar

R.Araxes... in Armenia resents its bridge that the Romans have built metaphorically

R.Rhine... in N France with 2 mouths ''bicornis''

The rivers are personified.

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