The Roman Byzantine Empire & the Axial Age

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The Roman Byzantine Empire

  • Orthodox Christian Empire; other forms were marginalized
  • Roman Christianity (4th Century)
  • Greek categories of thought
  • Competing Christianities

Syria & Iraq

  • Nestorians
  • Syriac semetic culture (dual nature of Christ)
  • Sassanid Empire's philosophical tradition maintained
  • Monophysites
  • Monastic elements


  • Ebionites
  • Jewish Christianity until 7th century Islam
  • Jesus was a man and prophet but not divine
  • Development of divine law: Halakha (3rd - 7th century)
  • Samaritans: No God but one.
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The Axial Age

  • Late antiquity between 800 - 200 BCE
  • ideas of a transcendant Godhead emerging from a higher realm
  • Ethical action in this world motivated by faith
  • Organized worship e.g. churches
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