The Role and Importance of Marketing


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The Role of Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to:

  • help raise awareness of products and services to offer.
  • help raise the organisations profile in the market
  • encourage customers to purchase
  • target new customers and retain existing ones
  • allow the organisation to know what the customers want
  • assist with the monitoring changing tastes and trends in the market
  • allow the organisation to meet its strategic objectives which could include:

1. to increase or maximise profit.

2. to increase market share.

3. to extend the life of the current brand.

4. to become the market leader.

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Diffrent Business's Objectives That Marketing Help

Different types of organisations have different strategic objectives, which marketing helps to achieve. for example:

  • a local authority may want to increase public use of certian facilities.
  • a charity may want to increase donations or raise awareness of the plight of others.
  • the police may want to raise awareness of certian campaigns and reduce crime figures.
  • a private sector business may want to increase profitability by making customers aware of new products or services being sold.
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