The Roaring Twenties.

these revision cards all includ these highlights of the roaring twenties in america:

Entertainment, The role of women,

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1920's were known as the jazz age because african-american music was popular with the young people.

Jazz music was known for its dramatic rhythms and was distributed through radio, in films and on records.

Parents and older people were shocked by this and didn't approve of the sexually explicit lyrics and dance.

Hollywood made films that influencede the habits and lifestyles of the young. For example smoking grew popular in the 1920's as it was seen as sophisticated in the films.



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The role of women

Films also reflected the appareance of the 'flapper' - (a new type of woman with more freedom).

The way they dressed changed - Skirts rose from 6 inches below the knee to the knee itself, hair became shorter and more stylish and petticoats disappeared.

Employment became available to more women, by 1929 10 million women were working although they were still paid less then men.

Also in 1920 women were given the vote.

By 1925 the lifespan of women increased from 51 too 63. And the divorce rate doubled as women were becoming more independent and confident and were less likely to stay in un happy marriages 1914-29



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Prohibition and Gangsters

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