The Roaring Twenties!

Entertainement - music, film

Role of women- appearance, work and the vote


Entertainment- Music

  • 1920's known as the 'Jazz Age' 
  • African-American music popular with young people.
  • Jazz was now on films, radios and on records.
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Entertainement- Film

  • Cinema affected the life of young Americans.
  • Hollywood produced films that influenced the lifestyle for young people.
  • Smoking more popular as it was seen as a sophisticated habit.
  • The first films had no sound, a pianist was used to play during the film.
  • Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford became big stars.
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Role of Women- appearance

  • Films reflected the appearance of the 'flapper' a new more liberated young women.
  • Flappers came from upper or middle classed families.
  • Skirts rose to the knee.
  • Hairstyles became shorter.
  • People were influenced by film stars who kissed, drank, wore lots of makeup, smoked and danced the Charleston!
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Role of Women- work and vote

  • By 1929, 10 million American women worked.
  • But women were still paid less that men.
  • In 1920 women were given the vote.
  • The washing machine and vacuum cleaner saved time, so women spent more time on work and leisure.
  • Women had fewer children and tended to live longer.
  • Divorce rate doubled.
  • Most women still did domestic work at home.
  • Traditional families and religious values stayed strong in rural areas mainly.
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