the right to life

Abortion, Euthanasia and a general christian perspective on the sanctity of life

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is life sacred?

Why do christians believe that life is sacred?

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? 

But when does life 'begin'? When does a person become a person?

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Christians believe it is because of many references in the bible to things like "our body is our temple" and "you shall not murder". Also Christians believe that God created life, so should it not be sacred if he made it and put it into place? wouldn't the fact that he put it there imply that he WANTS it there.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines what basic human rights should be as agreed by philosophers and religions worldwide i.e. the right to life and bring born a free man.

Humanists believe that life truly begins well after conception, Roman Catholics believe it is right from day one. When life officials begins is a much debated and subjective topic.

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Up to what point is abortion legal?

what requirements are necessary in order to have an abortion?

why was abortion legalized?

What affect are 'backstreet' abortions having today?

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1. 24 weeks

2. abortions are legal if: Two doctors agree

it is before 24 weeks

continuing the pregnancy would risk the mothers ability to have future children

it would prevent physical or psychological harm to the mother

there is a significant risk that the baby would be born with disabilities

3. Because 'backstreet abortions' were dangerous and making women infertile

4. 20 million backstreet abortions happen globally every year.

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When does life begin?

what's the bibles opinion?

what do the different denominations think?

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The bible has many references to God knowing us before we were born and even contains a law in which if a pregnant woman is hit by a man and the baby dies, then the man must also perish. This implies that Christians should be pro-life.

However there are also references to man not truly living until breath was first breathed into his lungs, implying that it is only when the embryo breathes it is fully human.

Methodists - throughout pregnancy the embryo becomes more human and gains more rights, it should be respected as a life form but the quality of the mothers life and the implications of having the child should be taken into account; abortion can be the right option.

Catholics - a persons soul comes into existence from conception, at this point they also become a human. life is sacred and abortion is never justified. the church community would support the mother or adoption.

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pro-life/pro-choice arguments

pro-life arguments?

pro-choice arguments?

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Pro-choice = - free will (people should have the right)

- abortions can be unsafe if not legal

- compassionate killing (the child's life would not be worth living)

- the safety and quality of life of the mother

Pro-life = - every human being has a right to life

- human life is sacred

- embryo's feel pain during abortion

- can cause the mother great trauma after the abortion

- there is no point, such as 24 weeks, where you can say that and embryo becomes a person

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What is euthanasia?

When would euthanasia be considered?

a christian perspective?

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1. Euthanasia is 'mercy killing' or compassionate killing. Where you take a life when the life is not worth living.

2. Euthanasia is desired when the life becomes too painful to bear, people fear becoming a burden on family or physical conditions such as paralysis lower someone's 'quality of life'. Many, such as Richard Dawkins, simply wish the right to die with dignity and on their own terms.(the right to self-determination)

3. Christians tend to believe that euthanasia is wrong, they believe that only God has the right to take life and that by prematurely ending a life you undermine human dignity. 

The Church of England argues that should euthanasia become widely available the terminally ill could feel pressured into ending their lives for fear of being a burden on their families or the health system.

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Active and Passive euthanasia

what is active and passive euthanasia?

Christian responses?

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1. active euthanasia is when you DO something to kill someone, passive is when you DON'T do something to save someone.

2. Many Christians believe that passive euthanasia is just the same morally as active euthanasia much like the story of the good samaritan and the holy men who walked past. they chose NOT to act but were condemned all the same.

other christians argue that mercy has limits and that by NOT acting you are not entirely to blame, however when this should apply is entirely subjective.

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