The Revenger's Tragedy Quotes

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Act 1, Scene 1

Act 1, Scene 1

  • Duke, royal lecher, go grey-haired adultery (Vindice)
  • Four excellent characters (Vindice)
  • Accursed Palace (Vindice)
  • The old duke poisoned (Vindice)
  • Who o'er knew murder unpaid? (Vindice)
  • Brother, I'll be that strange-composed fellow (Vindice)
  • We must coin. Women are apt, you know, to take false money (Vindice)
  • The Duchess' youngest son has played a **** on Lord Antonio's wife (Hippolito)
  • On that religious lady! (Gratiana)
  • The law's a woman (Vindice)
  • For since my worthy father's funeral, my life's unnatural to me (Vindice)
  • He was too wise to trust me with his thoughts (Gratiana)
  • I'll quickly turn into another (Vindice)
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Act 1, Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 2

  • Duchess, it is your youngest son (Duke)
  • And if a *******'s wish might stand in force, would all the court were turned into a corpse (Spurio)
  • Double adultery (Judge)
  • Why, flesh and blood, my Lord, what should move men unto a woman else? (Junior Brother)
  • Her beaty was ordained to be my scaffold (Junior Brother)
  • Begot against the seventh commandment (Duchess)
  • My revenge is just (Spurio)
  • I was begot in imprudent wine and lust (Spurio)
  • For indeed a ******* by nature should make cuckolds, because he is the son of a cuckold-maker (Spurio)
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Act 1, Scene 3/Scene 4

Act 1, Scene 3

  • I ne'er had that disease o'th' mother (Vindice)
  • I am past my depth in lust (Lussurioso)
  • To entice and work his sister (Lussurioso)

Act 1, Scene 4

  • Deemed it a nobler dowry for her name, to die with poison than to live with shame (Antonio)
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Act 2, Scene 1/Scene 2

Act 2, Scene 1

  • Tell him my honour shall have a rich name, when several harlots share his with shame (Castiza)
  • Has long desired your daughter (Vindice)
  • There are too many poor ladies already; why should you vex the number (Vindice)
  • Men know that know us we are so weak. their words can overthrow us (Gratiana)
  • If she be still chaste, I'll ne'er call her mine (Gratiana)
  • Virginity is paradise locked up... and twas decreed that man should keep the key (Gratiana)
  • O were't not for gold and women, there would be no damnation (Vindice)

Act 2, Scene 2

  • I'll piece him to his face (Vindice)
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Act 2, Scene 3/Act 3, Scene 1/Act 3, Scene 4

Act 2, Scene 3

  • In sleep! I have great sins (Duke)
  • I am amazed to death (Lussurioso)
  • Brothers, my best release lies on your tongues, I pray persuade for me (Lussurioso)
  • My hairs are white, and yet my sins are green (Duke)

Act 3, Scene 1

  • Faiths are bought and sold (Supervacuo)
  • The lady's death, and people's thoughts will soon be buried (Ambitioso)

Act 3, Scene 4

  • Mty fault was sweet sport, which the world approves, I die for that which every woman loves (Junior Brother)
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Act 3, Scene 5/Act 4, Scene 1/Act , Scene 2

Act 3, Scene 5

  • A delicious lip, a sparkling eye (Vindice)
  • Sees ladies with false forms. You decieve men but cannot decieve worms (Vindice)
  • Sh' has somewhat a grave look with her (Vindice)
  • Now nine years vengeance crowd into a minute (Vindice)
  • Nail down his tongue (Vindice)

Act 4, Scene 1

  • He's a man/In whom much melancholy dwells (Hippolito)

Act 4, Scene 2

  • A usuring father to be boiling in hell and his son and heir with a whore dancing over him (Vindice)
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