The Revenger's Tragedy key quotes


Tis no shame to be bad, because tis common

- Vindici

  • Context; Corruption, politics AO4
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We are so weak their words overthrow us

- Gratiana

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O you of easy wax

- Vindici

  • Context; Women AO4
  • Techniques; Metaphor (women are easily pliable) 


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Thrown ink upon the forehead of our state

Duke to the Duchess

  • Context; Corruption, in relation to Junior's **** of the Lord Antonio's wife AO4
  • Techniques; metaphore
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Wert not gold and women, there would be no damnati

"Wert not gold and women, there would be no damnation"


Context; Women, Gratiana has agreed to prostitute Castiza to the Duke

Technique; Aside

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Has not heaven an ear? Is all lightning wasted?

- Vindice 

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Duke, royal lecher... grey haired adultery

- Vindice 

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he shall die looking upon me

- Vindice

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Now 9 years vengeance crowd into a minute

- Vindici

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Take this infectious spot out of my soul


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Who would not lie when men are hanged for the trut

- Vindice 

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To be honest is not to be i' th' world

- Vindice 

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Their sex is easy in belief

- Vindici

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For since my worthy Fathers funeral, my lifes unna

- Vindici 

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The faults of great men trough their cereclothes b

- Judge 

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