The Republican government and the Depression

How did president hoover react to the depression and what did he do about it

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The Republican government and the Depression[1]

The Republican government believed in 'rugged individualism' - the government should not interfere with people's lives and should let people sort out their own problems.

The government was convinced that the depression would not last long and that America would return to the boom of the 1920s.

However Hoover's government take some action to try to improve the situtation

  • In 1930 taxes were cut increase people's spending power.
  • The government provided over $4000 million for major buildng projects in the construction industry to provide jobs.
  • In 1931 work began on the Hoover Dam.
  • In 1932 an Emergancy Relief Act gave $1500 to the states to help the unemployed.

However these actions were not enough to halt the depression.

Resetment of the government sometimes turned to violence. In the cities the unemployed held marches and demonstrations, which often turned to riots.

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The Republican government and the Depression[2]

Millions of Americans blamed Hoover for the depression and all the problems that came with it.

A common phrase from the time state:'In Hoover we trusted, now we are busted.'

They also developed slandering names for makeshift items - newspapers that people slept in were named 'Hoover blankets' for example.

People were looking for a more positive aproach in dealing with the depression. The found it in F.D.Roosevelt, who promised a New Deal for the American people.

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