The Renaissance 2

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The Renaissance

WHY? The Theory of the Four humours & theory of opposites

HOW? Bringing balance & opposites

WHO? Andreas Vesalius, Ambroise Pare & William Harvey

WHERE? Greek Texts- Galen & Hippocrates

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The Renaissance

  • 1665- outbreak of Plague in London- 100,000
  • Mayor ordered- victims shut in homes, people sweep streets outside their house & bed sheets be hung in smoke from fired to get rid of bad air
  • Parliament refused to make these orders- many ignored rules & King left for safety
  • 1700- animals walked streets- filth
  • Drains- blocked with animal droppings & rubbish
  • Rakers- employed to clean streets- weren't enough
  • Water- collected in barrels or from men whoa carried water round in street- from rivers
  • Night soil men- employed to take away human waste- not regulary- waste build up & run into water supplies
  • Poor people- couldn't afford night soil men- threw waste into rivers & streets
  • Some public toilets, many used toilets in taverns or went in doorways or quiet corners
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The Renaissance

  • Could work
  • Did things like amputations so fairly advanced
  • Ligature




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