The rise of the Nazi party

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The raise of the Nazi party

1. Who founded the Nazi party?
2. What was it's program called?
3. What were it's main themes?
4. What was the group that spread violence?
5. What was the Munich Putsch ?

1. Anton Drexler
2. 25 point program
3. Revision of TOV, Creating of living space, creation of national community and anti-semitism.
4. SA
5. Attemp at a take over of power, which failed, Hitler was arrested and put in prison for 9 months, shows weakness of judicary system, where he wrote mein kampf. 

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The raise of the Nazi party

1. At the party converence in Feb 1926 what happened? 
2. What were the regional leaders called?
3. What policy did the Nazi's follow? 
4. What were founded in 1926? 
5. What were created in 1928? 
6. How did these help Nazi support?
7. How was head of Propaganda? 

1. New structure to party where complete obedience was stressed to Hitler. 
2. Gauleiter. 
3. A policy of legality 
4. The Hitler youth and Nazi Students Association 
5. Creation of Nazi professional bodies, Association of national socialist Jurists, others then followed. 
6. Infiltrating all areas of society in hope of gaining votes. 
7. Joseph Goebbels 

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The raise of the Nazi party

1. What plan did the Nazi's use to campaign against?
2. What economic disaster helped Hitler gain power?
3. What effect did the unemployed have?
4. By 1933 how many unemployed were there in Germany? 

1. The young plan. 
2. The wall Street crash- october 1929. 
3. Polarising German politics. 
4. 3 million. 

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