The Psychodynamic Approach

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Assumption 1

Behaviour is influenced by different levels of conciousness

Example: ICEBURG

3 Parts:

  • Concious - this is the part we know about and are aware of e.g. where we are
  • Preconcious - things we could be aware of if we wanted or tried e.g. memories
  • Unconcious - things we are unaware of and can't become aware e.g. unnaceptable desires
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Assumption 2

Behaviour is influenced by different parts of our mind

3 Parts:

  • ID - Insticts -sexual desire, aggression, impulsive, requires satisfaction, seeks pleasure, present from birth, based on pleasure principle
  • Ego - Reality -balances the ID and superego, develops around age of two
  • Superego - Morality -deals with right and wrong, seeks to perfect behaviour, makes us feel guilty for wrongs, develops around age of four, based on morality principle
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