The Project Team

Describing the roles and responsibilites of the project team members

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Project Manager


  • Plan and control the progress of the project
  • Fixing any problems that might arise
    • Budget
    • Time scales
  • Report to the end user about updates
  • Rescheduling tasks if there is time slippage
  • Reallocaing staff and  money
  • Create report documentation
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  • Create software that is required for the system being developed
  • Can be a specialist in one area of computing or a generalist who codes for many types of software
  • Responsible for:
    • Programming a new solution or modifying a current solution
    • Creating the technical documentation
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System Analyst

  • Analyse and investigate the existing system
  • The results of the analysis will enable the systems analyst to access the suitability of the current system for upgrading
  • Develop a plan for developing the proposed system including:
    • What procedures will be involved?
    • What data needs to be inputted?
    • What softwate and hardware is needed?
    • How data will be outputed?
    • Training methods
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System Designer

  • Builds the findings of thesystem analyst to design the new system
  • Their role is central to the process of designing, developing and  implementing the defined requirements of the system
  • Responsibilites include:
    • Completing the requirements analysis
    • Working with programmers and end users
    • Planning and designing the system
    • Developing, documenting and revising:
      • System design procedures
      • Test procedures
      • Quality standards
    • Creating an architectural design with the necessary specifications for hardware, software, data and staff resources
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  • A tester's responsibilities include developing and using test plans to test the programs and modules that are included in the system
  • Ensures that the system is free from bugs and errors
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