The Progressives

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Who were the Progressives?

  • Progressivism: a reaction to the social effects of industrialisation (e.g. slums, low wage, increased crime) on ordinary people, and how the presidency were dealing with it. 
  • Progressives were writers, thinkers and campaigners. 
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Theodore Roosevelt

  • Republican President between 1901-09, who was progressivist. 
  • Brought reforms in federal government 
  • Prompted a miners strike 
  • Promoted the ‘square deal’ – workers got equal rights. 
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Progressive Party and Robert La Follette

  • Formed in 1912 after a split in the Republican party between President Taft and former president Theodore Roosevelt. 
  • La Follettte - lead the Progressive Party. 
  • Campaigned for the rights of ordinary voters. 
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Impact of Progressivism

  • üPublic intervention in running of society 
  • üRaise awareness of poverty, injustice and health and safety 
  • üShowed ways to help poor 
  • ûDidn’t reduce power of big business 
  • ûNo change in status of black workers 
  • ûProgressives had little money and were under resourced – struggled to help poor.
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1912 Election

  • The Democrats won, with Wilson taking power. 
  • However, the Progressives has a big impact on raising awareness of poor conditions, which is why the Republicans, who supported big business went out of power, and the Democrats, who supported the poorer, smaller business won. 
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