The problems of the Treaty of Versailles

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Start of the weimar

11 November - WW1 came to an end and Germany signed an armistice The Kaiser was abdicated on 9 November 1918 Many Germans thought that the ending of the war was a betrayal of the army - they thought that the army had not yet been defeated and the army was forced to surrender by the government They also felt that the army had been 'stabbed in the back' by the politicians that had signed the armistice (the 'November Criminals') Therefore, the Germans despised the new republic At the end of 1918 many attacks were made on the new government After elections for the Constituent Assembly (January 1919) they had decided that Berlin was no longer a safe place for the government members to meet, so it was decided that they would meet in the town of Weimar, where it was more peaceful

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