The Problem of Western Expansion

The problem with Western expansion and the key figures in it.

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Who wrote the Liberator and what did it stand for?

William Lloyd Garrison and it stood for slavery as a sin and wanted immediate abolition.

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Who was Frederick Douglas and what did he say?

An ex-slave and a leading campaigner for abolition. "I appear as a thief and a robber... I stole this head, these limbs, this body form my master and ran off with them."

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Who ran in the 1844 election, who won and what did

Whig Henry Clay and Democrat James Polk. Polk stood for the annexation of Texas and Oregon and won the election.

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When were Texas, New Mexico and Utah admitted into

Texas- 1845

New Mexico and Utah- 1850

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Who did Polk send to Mexico in 1845 to be his "spe

John Slidell

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What caused the declaration of war between the US

Polk moved US troops into a disputed area between Mexico and the US north of the Rio Grande river hoping to provoke them, Mexico duly retaliated in 1846.

Polk declared Mexicans had shed "American blood, on American soil"

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What was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and when

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848, with New Mexico and California (including present day Nevada and Utah) being ceded to the US by Mexico in return for $15 million as well as $3.25 million claimed by US citizens from Mexico. Polk considered considered rejecting the treaty but eventually conceded.

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What was the Wilmot Proviso and when was it introd

In August 1846 David Wilmot, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, stated that any territory gained from Mexico should remain free territory, with no Blacks and therefore less competition for white workers.

Wilmot was not an abolitionist, but resented Polk's "pro-south" strategies, particularly his pursuit of the New Mexico territory but his concession of Oregon, a state he had also promised to annex.

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What was the Calhoun Doctrine and when was it intr

John Calhoun introduced the idea that it was an American's right to take their "property" wherever they went and that, therefore, banning slavery in the New Territories was a violation of their rights, and wholly unacceptable. If the North did not comply, he suggested that the South would have no other option but to secede.

The Calhoun Doctrine was introduced in 1847, a year after the Wilmot proviso.

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