The Political Framework 1959-1964

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The effect of post-war prosperity

Consequences of WW2 1939-1945:

  • welfare state (ex. NHS, council houses)
  • population boomed between 1945-1956
  • consumer boom, access to loans
  • fashion and music changes
  • CND
  • queen's corination 1952 meant attitudes were pro-monarchy
  • trade unions protected peoples rights

"You've have never had it so good" 
+improvements in the economy, increase in overseas trade also
+majority of rationing over- higher standard of living
+approximate tripling of wages and more available jobs
+mass consumerism
-inflamation occured due to wage rises
-USA funded the UK through the marshall plan
-for who? white upper class males? women still seen as lower than men
-conformist society and the establishment 

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