Evidence for Atomic Structure

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The Plum Pudding Model

-An early model about the structure of the atom was called the plum pudding model 
 In this model, the atom was imagined to be a sphere of positive charge with negatively charged electrons dotted around inside it (like plums in a pudding) 
An experiment carried out in 1905 showed the plum pudding model was incorrect 

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Rutherford's Scattering Experiment

-A scientist called Ernest Rutherford designed an experiment to test the plum pudding model 
-A beam of alpha particles was aimed at a very thin gold foil and their passage through the foil detected, the scientists expected the alpha particles to pass through the foil but something else happened
-Some of the alpha particles emerged from the foil at different angles, some even came straight back
-The Scientists realised that the positively charged alpha particles were being repelled and deflected by a tiny concentration of positive charge in the atom
-As a result the plum pudding model was replaced by the nuclear model 

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