The Pine Planters

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- About unrequited love

- Cross-ryhme creates balled format

- changing structure reflects the image of the tree growing

- ballad tells story of her love

- Pathectic fallacy - feeling unloved

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1st Stanza

'In blast and breeze'

- pathetic fallacy

- turbulance and conflict

'he fills the earth in, I hold the trees'

- two people working together as a team

- active and passive working

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2nd Stanza

'He does not notice that what I do'

- unrequited love

'chills me through'

- pathetic fallacy 

- cold and unloved

- He does not acknowledge her

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3rd Stanza

'He has seen one fairer'

'skims me as though I were not by'

- doesn't notice her and her presence 

- thinking of someone else and not her

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4th Stanza

'since she has passed here he sarce has known'

- since the other lady has passed he thinks and sees nothing else

- infactuated 

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5th Stanza

'worked here with him since morning shine'

- always working together

- metaphor

'busy with his thoughts and I with mine'

- neither share feelings - lonely frustration as no communication

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6th Stanza

'I  have helped him so many, so many days'

- repition emphasises how long they have known each other for

- love game

'but never win any small word of praise'

- she loves him but resents him because he ignores her

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7th Stanza

'shall I not sigh to him'

- should i speak to him?

'glad to be nigh him...'

- glad to just be near to him

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8th Stanza

'Nay, though he never'

- no she will not tell him 

'I'll bear it ever and make no sign'

- carry the weight of her feelings and never tell

- wants to be near him though it causes her pain

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9th Stanza

'bundle at hand here I take each tree'

- planting tree

- pining after him

- mourning lack of love

'always to be'

  - tree will always be there like her love

'as if from fear, of life unreckoned'

- unexpected

- when tree is a plant she imagines it is capable of thought and feeling

- personifing the tree shows her emotions coming through in it 'it starts a sighing through day..'

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10th Stanza

'It will sigh in the morning, it will sigh at noon, at the winters warning, in wafts of june'

- repetition shows times passing and creates contrast

- she has still not told him of her love

'unneeding shelter from storm and drought'

- wished her love was never born so the seed was never planted

- wish it was dead and didn't have to live through the pinning love

- pathetic fallacy

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11th Stanza

'we set it growing in this bleak spot'

- pine tree doesn't know why it's there

- just like we don't know why we are here

'unable to leave here'

- can only be to do with fate

'halt and hoary'

- when we die it will remain true

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