The Physiological Approach: Sperry

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People who experianced major epeleptic seasures , under went surgery to sever the corpus callosum in the brian. After the Corpus Callosum was cut both the left and right hemisphere no longer had contact with one and other. 

  Sperry used 11 participants who had undergone the surgery recently. Sperry designed a series of tasks set to each side of the hemisphere seperately. However, the left side of the body sends information to the right hemisphere and the right side of the body sends information to the left hemisphere. 

  one experiment sperry used was two related words were presented simultaniously to each visual field ( Key and Case). Key was sent to the left visual field and Case was sent to the right visual field. The left hand would find a key in the pile of objects while the right hand would right the word case. This shows that both hemispheres have seperate memories and functions. 

  Another experiment used was when two visual stimuli were presented to different visual fields ($ [dollar sign] sent to the left visual field; ? [question mark] to the right visual field). The participant was asked to draw with their left hand what was seen. The participant would then draw the dollar sign with their left hand. However, they would say they saw a question mark but drew a dollar sign and did not know why. 

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