The People's Liberation Army

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Spreading Propaganda and Ideology

  • Korea - The soldiers were portrayed as heroes saving China from the evil West during the Korean war. 
  • People wanted to join the PLA so they could be like the soldiers they saw on posters and billboards.
  • The soldiers themselves were indoctrinated during their time in the the army. They were taught Mao Zedung thought which meant they did whatever Mao told them to.
  • Propaganda was spread showing the soldiers helping the people of China. 
  • They went around to communes etc. to put on videos promoting Chairman Mao and Mao Zedung thought.  
  • They spread propaganda about "enemies without guns"
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Military role

  • The PLA caused China great national pride.
  • The soldiers were seen as military heroes.
  • Mao said "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"
  • They showed power by invading Tibet, Guangdong and XiangXing.
  • They put China under military control. 
  • Their power meant people not only respected but feared them too. 
  • By fighting against the US they could spread propaganda in a "Resist America" campaign.
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Building the Infrastructure and Change Over Time

  • 41% of total expenses were spent on the PLA.
  • The army was the largest in the world and had to be cut back; more needed to be spent on the economy. 
  • The army re-built railway lines etc. This made the people think they relied on them. 
  • The PLA became less communist as Mao re-introduced ranks etc. 
  • There were more and more campaigns to evoke fear and respect. The army helped create Mao's reign of terror. 
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