The Peace Settlement 1919 - 22

  • The aims of the main negotiators
  • The terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the Germanys reaction to it
  • The other peace treaties
  • How the map of Europe was altered by the whole peace settlement
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The aims of the main negotiators

  • Woodrow Wilson (USA) was an idealist who wanted a better, safer world. He didn't mention punishing Germany, and created 'the Fourteen points' document. The fourteenth point was most imp
  • Georges Clemenceau (France) saw his country invaded by Germany in 1870 and 1914 and was determined on revenge. His main aim was to weaken Germany so that France wouldn't suffer again. Wilson's ideals didn't appeal to him, and he wanted Germany to lose land, have military limits and to pay for the damage done to Paris. He believed in a weak Germany to keep the peace.
  • David Lloyd George (Britain) saw the dangers in punishing Germany too harshly, however he talked tough in public. He was also very intelligent.
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The terms of Treaty of Versailles

Land losses

  • Alsace-Lorraine went to France
  • Belgium gained the provinces of Eupen and Malmedy
  • Denmark gained North Schleswig
  • Poland got West Prussia and Upper Silesia

Overseas Land

  • All Germany's colonies were placed under 'League of Nations' rule-prepared independence

Military Limits

  • Germany's army was reduced to 100,000
  • Their navy was cut to 6 ships
  • They weren't allowed tanks, aircrafts or submarines
  • To stop Germany threatening France, the Rhineland was demilitarised
  • Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria
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Germany's reaction to the Treaty of Versailles

  • They didn't feel that they had caused the war
  • They didn't feel that they had lost the war
  • They should have been involved in the Treaty discussions
  • They hated the Treaty and felt anger
  • They felt the German soldiers had fought in vain and had been betrayed by politicians
  • Germany felt insulted by not being asked to join the league
  • They felt the treaty was imposed on them like a dictatorship
  • Loss of territories were resented by Germans
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The other Peace Treaties

  • Austria signed the Treaty of St Germain in September 1919
  • Hungary signed the Treaty of Trianon in June 1920
  • Bulgaria signed the Treaty of Neuilly in November 1919
  • Turkey signed the Treaty of Severs in August 1920


  • Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria payed reparations
  • They all lost the war
  • They all didn't attend the Peace talks
  • They all had to cut armies
  • They all lost land
  • They had the peace settlement imposed on them
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How the map of Europe was altered by the Peace Set

  • Before the war there were 22 countries and in 1920 there were 28 countries
  • From there being a few big countries, Europe went to being smaller with more independent countries
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